About Justmessage.in

Worlds first directory focused solely on WhatsApp business listings. All business information is self-submitted or sourced from public listings. Justmessage.in team is dedicated to maintaining a high Quality for each listing.

Why a directory for WhatsApp listings?
WhatsApp has become the primary communication platform in many markets. Businesses are built and operated entire via WhatsApp, which is also their only identity. This directory aims to provide an easy, Geo localized listing of WhatsApp contacts for businesses. Just look for the type of business or the name, and be instantly connected via an easy, mobile friendly interface.

Why should I list my business on the justmessage.in directory?
Listing on the platform provides instance access to large audience within your local market. You can collect new leads easily via WhatsApp which you already use and love. Also your contact number is not directly listed on the server so spammers cannot bother you. You can also choose anytime to list a different business number and leave the rest of your infromation unchanged on the directory.